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What People Say

Brindley, Home Seller

We interviewed agents from three companies – Brenda was (is) head and shoulders better than the other two agents. I’ve had bad experience with real estate agents in the past. Brenda showed another kind of agent. She knew the property, anticipated our needs and was very professional.

Arlin & Marilyn Albrecht, Home Buyers

We would unhesitatingly recommend Brenda’s services to others who are considering buying or selling a home. The entire process was accomplished in a most professional and pleasant manner. Because Brenda is so competent, the whole process seemed too good to be true!

Bob & Gail Tefft, Home Sellers and Buyers

Brenda has been wonderful to work with in every way. She stays right on top of every detail and keeps things working smoothly. She is the best Realtor we ever had! We highly recommend her!!

Steve and Sally Palmer, Home Buyers

We consider the day we met Brenda an incredible stroke of luck! When we were ready to buy a house in Tucson, Brenda made finding the right property as easy as turning on our computer. She stayed on top of every detail of our transaction from offer to close and kept both sellers and buyers happy through the process. Since we were 1400 miles away the entire time, having the deal move so smoothly was a huge relief. Brenda is a terrific communicator and I have never dealt with a more professional real estate broker. We only wish she were licensed in Washington as well! We could use her services here too!

Bonnita Reusch, Home Buyer

Brenda insured that everything went smoothly with our home purchase. It was remarkably hassle free especially given that this was a “long-distance” transaction. If I hear of anyone moving to the Tucson area, I will without hesitation have them contact Brenda O’Brien.

Dr. Richard Fields & Deborah Jerome, Home Buyers

Brenda provides that dynamic balance of incredible service and motivation with warmth, energy and understanding of your individual needs. Her years of experience as a Realtor are reflected in her success and passion for her work. Her personal energy and professional skills make her one of the best in her field. Nothing makes her happier than to see her clients total satisfaction with their new home.

Marco & Cynthia Rosales, Home Buyers

Brenda has been really great to work with. Brenda’s quality of service is professional yet people friendly with compassion. She truly takes customer service to the highest level. Her service has been both very unique and special.

John & Jennifer Bell, Home Buyers

Brenda made our home buying experience easy and hassle free. This was the best home buying experience we’ve ever had. We will use her services again.

Vic & Lynn Aderholt, Home Buyers and Sellers

In our initial contact with Brenda she struck us as a very forthright, honest individual. She repeatedly stepped beyond what was called for in her efforts to assist us. Brenda proved herself very patient, considerate and forthcoming. She is outstanding in her field.

Daniel & Linda Murphy, Home Sellers

Whenever we wish to purchase or sell property, Brenda is the first and only Realtor we consult. Her reputation as an honest and hard-working agent is well deserved.