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Barbara Hort, Ph.D. , Home Seller

This past summer, my cousin and I were faced with the frightening task of selling my father’s house following his death. The house was fundamentally beautiful, and it was situated on a lovely piece of land, but it had been neglected for years, stuffed with an impossible number of belongings, and most worrisome of all, both my cousin and I live hundreds of miles away from Tucson. Brenda and her team took on this project with astonishing speed, efficiency, elegance, and grace. The entire sale was closed less than three months from the date of our signing on with the Brenda O’Brien team, and their performance in every aspect of the process was simply outstanding. I would recommend Brenda and her team, without any reservation whatsoever, to anyone who wants to enjoy a smooth, satisfying, and profitable home-selling experience. I have bought and sold a lot of real estate in my life, but Brenda is, without question, the most capable, personable, and trustworthy realtor I’ve ever met.