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Certified Residential Investment Specialist

What is That? Why Use One?

A Certified Residential Investment Specialist (RIS) is a Realtor who has passed a rigorous training program How to Make Sound Residential Real Estate Investments and has documented Listings and Sales of numerous residential investment properties in their local service area.

Why use a Certified Residential Investment Specialist? If you are considering purchasing Tucson residential investment property it is to your advantage to use a realtor who has specialized training in this market segment.

The experience and specialized training in various strategies, understanding the effects of appreciation rates & inflation and being familiar with the tax advantages of real estate investments is crucial in analyzing specific properties for their investment potential.

Selecting the correct properties for investment involves not only understanding the technical and financial side of the investment but also understanding the market segment to properly determine which Tucson homes have the best potential for a resale in the selected time period.

Having a Residential Investment Specialist as part of your team will greatly increase your odds of success as you develop your investment property portfolio. Brenda would be happy to meet with you to explain how she could assist you in creating an investment plan.

Brenda can also assist you if you are interested in using your IRA for purchasing investment property. The rules on this strategy are complex but it is an excellent vehicle if used properly.