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Diana & Philip Jones, Home Buyers

Simply put, Paula is the best of the best! She is absolutely amazing in terms of her client’s wants and needs, her knowledge of the various cities and neighborhoods within the Tucson area unsurpassed, as well as her knowledge of the real estate industry as a whole. When we contact Paula we had discussed moving to Saddlebrooke prior to Covid, then Covid happened and put everything on hold. When the market started moving in an upward rush, we knew it was the perfect time to downsize from our Oro Valley home into a smaller home in Saddlebrooke. The problem we faced is that we were unable to travel to Arizona to look for homes, and with the market moving so fast houses were selling within hours of their initial listing. Having previously purchased a home with Paul we knew we could depend on her knowledge, expertise, experience, and understanding of our needs, esthetic, and the quality of the home we wished to purchase. We found what we believed to be our future home, and notified Paula. She immediately went over to the home to check things out. Paula called me while viewing the home and said “this is the one.” It checked all our boxes, including having a private pool. The biggest hurdle to overcome was that we as buyers were going to be buying a home for the first time, sight unseen. Hundreds and thousands of dollars is a lot to spend when you haven’t seen what you purchasing. You have to have an immense amount of trust in the person in order to take that leap of faith. But, because Paula had taken the time to build our relationship of trust, we immediately put in a bid to buy the home. We flew out a few weeks later for our first viewing, and we were not disappointed in her selection. It was everything we could possibly want, and need our new home and more. It literary was perfect. We are now in the process of moving into our new home and I know when we put our existing home on the market, there is only one real estate agent who can sell this home and that agent is Paul Puls. As far as we are concerned, there is no better real estate agent than Paul Puls!”