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Tubac Arizona

Tubac is a very small community located about an hour south of Tucson. The Town of Tubac is a real gem! This is very small town (a village actually) that is the home of a great many artists, galleries, shops and quaint little cafe’s. People in Tucson love taking a Day Trip to Tubac to explore all these little shops and galleries.

The Art Colony of Tubac is a thriving organization presenting a full range of arts programming and a ton of seasonal exhibits. These events are well worth attending. I often tell clients when they ask about Tubac that you can buy anything there from a $5.00 dollar pinkie ring to a $10,000 dollar small bronze statue for your coffee table and anything in between.

If you are going to furnish or decorate your Tucson Home in a southwestern style, Tubac is a Must Stop in your decorating search. Lots of folks in Tucson go down to Tubac to find that special piece of art or fountain or pottery or, or, or, the list just goes on and on.

I guess you can tell we like Tubac, In fact we Love it. We browse the shops along the 3 or 4 little streets of town for hours on end and have lunch in one of the little cafe’s and head home loaded up with treasures.

And not only is Tubac an Artist Colony, but there is a lot of History in this little town! Founded in 1752 as a Spanish Fort (Presidio) this is an old historic town and there are lots of historic buildings in the village’s “Old Town”. If you like old west history, you’ll love this place!

Driving Directions: Head South from Tucson on I-19, after you pass thru Green Valley you’ll start seeing the signs for Tubac. Click here to view the map.