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Tucson Home Buyers Video Your Belongings!

Video Your Personal Belongings after your move to Tucson is complete and you are all unpacked. You probably already have a video camera or even a digital still camera that will work in a pinch. Be sure to use the Audio option so you can describe your stuff as you make your video record.

The main reason to make a video record of all of the personal possessions in your home is just in case you have a burglary or fire. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video with sound has to be worth ten thousand.

Have your spouse or kids help you with this simple project. One of you can man the camera and the other can identify different objects in each room. Describe each item as you go along and if it has a serial number or other identifying mark, be sure to mention it.

Open all closet doors to show what the contents are and briefly mention different things.

You can’t believe how helpful this can be after a loss because many times you don’t miss something for months after a claim is filed because you might not use an item very often.

Once the video tape has been made, be sure to keep it off site or even make a duplicate of it and put one copy in either a safety deposit box, at work or give it to a friend or relative for safe keeping.

Don’t worry about being Steven Spielberg. You aren’t trying to win an Oscar for this tape but just protect your possessions from loss. This can be a chore but make it a game and have fun doing it.