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Tucson Real Estate Escrow Closing Process

Below is a list of items that you will need to take to your Escrow Closing appointment and more information the Title Company will need.

Cashier’s Check: You must have a cashier’s check or money order, made payable to your Title Company, in the amount indicated to you by your Escrow Officer. A personal check is not acceptable, nor is cash.

Identification: There are several acceptable forms of identification, which may be used during the escrow process. The following are acceptable for the Title Company. A state issued driver’s license, A state issued identification card or a current Passport.

Please note: If the Lender requires, you may be asked to present your Social Security Card.

Lender’s Requirements: Make sure you have satisfied your Lender’s requirements before coming to the Title Company to sign your mortgage and escrow documents. Call your lender a few days before your closing to verify!

Fire and Hazard Insurance: Please remember to order your Tucson Home Insurance Policy right away, and have the Insurance Agent fax a ‘Binder’ to the Title Company. Your Insurance Premium may be paid at closing, through your settlement statement. We can give you a local insurance referral if you need one.

Taking Title: The Title Company will provide you with a list of ways to Take Title to your new Tucson Home. It is important that you review the information and return your selection form to the Title Company as soon as possible.

Alien Identification Requirements: If you are not a U. S. citizen, it is preferable to have an Alien Resident Card and a state issued identification card. Please check with your Title Company to confirm their specific requirements.